The development of information technology can not be separated from the development of technology and computer network infrastructure. Information technology is growing rapidly thanks to increasingly support an adequate computer network. Most of the easy example is the proliferation of social media that cannot be denied to have a share of the flow of information sent from the information center up to the receiver of the information. We can easily get information, even through mobile media though, this is due to the increasingly sophisticated mobile phone facility supports various types of data access network, and the network infrastructure has now been better also also available in almost all areas.

An awful lot of components on a computer network thus creating network infrastructure that we can enjoy. One of the components of the computer networks belonging to the most important component is the router. The router itself serves as a liaison and control two or more networks to forward data from one network to another network. The router is a computer networking device that has a special function as mentioned above. As with other computers, the router also runs on a specific operating system. One of the popular router operating systems used today are Mikrotik RouterOS. Then what is the sense of the RouterOS Mikrotik? We will discuss the notion of Mikrotik on this article.

The sense of Mikrotik is a operating system includes software that is installed in a computer so that the computer can act as the heart of the network, traffic manager or controller data between networks, this type of computers known as routers. So the bottom line is one mikrotik operating system specifically for the router. 

Mikrotik Router is known as one of the OS is reliable and has lots of features to support the smooth running of the network. Mikrotik router can be used on computer networks, small or large scale, this is certainly customized resource than the computer itself. If used to set network mikrotik is small then the use of the device could have a mediocre, but if that be handled is large-scale networks such as class ISP then the use of the device must have a really reliable which has high specification. Excess Router Mikrotik is easy in operation. Called easy if we compare with other OS such as Cisco Routers and more. 

The ease of operation of the Router Mikrotik OS-based one is thanks to the availability of the features of the GUI. So we can setup your router not only through the appearance of text used in other router OS, but can also be done via a remote GUI-based application called Winbox. Another advantage of Mikrotik RouterOS is the large number of features are supported.