A mobile crushing plant is a unique machine that includes three stages of crushing. It has been around for many years, but the mobile crushing plant is finally reaching its peak. The main characteristics of the mobile crushing plant are: little space required, improved production capacity, environment protection and of course, great mobility. Currently, it is the most advanced crushing equipment available on the market. The mobile crushing plant is mostly used in mining fields and urban construction waste job sites, for both screening and crushing.

The three stages of the mobile crushing plant can be completely adjusted by the operator. For example, the operator may choose to crush first, then to screen and again to crush in order to get a better final result. Also, as the mobile crushing plant is mounted on a truck frame or similar moving frame, it can deliver the final product to the required place once the crushing is done. However, this is only one small benefit when compared with the following three major benefits of the mobile crushing plant:

Low Operating Costs – By eliminating the need for transportation, a significant amount of money can be saved. Unlike the traditional crushing plants, the mobile crushing plant crushes the material directly on-site and can either transport the final product by itself or transmit it to a truck, thanks to its long frame. Not only lower costs for transportation, but the mobile crushing plant reduces the processing costs as well, especially for mining applications. The mobile crushing plant does not require high investments for setting up.

Reliable & Efficient Performance – The mobile crushing plant includes three stages or three different crushing machines, designed with specific features and similar working principle. The jaw crusher is the main crushing equipment included in mobile crushing plant. This part is known for its high-efficiency, multi-functionality and high-quality final product. The whole unit has a strong structure, providing an incredibly efficient and reliable performance in many industry sectors.

Versatile & Flexible Configuration – Pre-screening, fine screening, and crushing are some of the many operations that can be performed by the mobile crushing plant. Its flexible configuration has a discharge hopper that is capable to screen, crush and transport materials at once. With a powerful diesel generator, the mobile crushing plant can handle event the most challenging tasks. Also, the flexible configuration makes the mobile crushing plant a suitable machine for a broad range of applications.
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