Technology world is growing and changing views in all areas of science education, Philip Cotton - a web founder - once said, the school should be the place the first time someone introduced 3D printing. Darwin High School in design and technology, Peter Coulter already implementing 3D printing technology as a method of teaching. He felt his students got a nice significant effect on the application of such methods.

Students are not required to learn how to use a CAD program (computer aided design) - one of the programs needed to produce a 3D design that results will be printed by other 3D printers -. In further development, program design 3D runs on the iPad, which way to run these applications can be learned in 30 seconds, and after students create 3D design, students will immediately be able to move a 3D file that has been designed for 3D Printer for the next print.

Another advantage of 3D printers is the possibility of producing a concept that quickly and then immediately conducted product testing. "Students have designed a razor using Rhino and head razor clip on / clip off, also using head razor bic-razor and head design razor blade clip in / clip off, and in the end, the students have the ability to test, evaluate, redesign, making reset, and reassessment, in just 2 x 2 hour lessons in 1 week, or 1 x 4 hour lessons gdalam 1 week, where it just may be possible due to the ability of 3D printers that can produce prototypes within a fairly short time "

On another occasion, there was also a discourse for the manufacture of the Faculty Coulter, a new faculty with the concept of combining language, IT and design business / technology. Judging from its name of course we know Peter Coulter who sparked that faculty. "I wanted to create a 'IKEA' model, in which a group of people, class, object design manufacture and manufacture of products using a 3D printer. Another group, let's say a business class, handles taking orders for the product, find out what the desired product, advertise, make bill and others. A third group, in this case the IT classroom, in charge of making design, develop and manage a website, just like website, where you can shop online, "said Peter Coulter.

It is true that during this time we have never run three related components (language, IT business and design technology) into one circuit component in unison. Does the idea of Peter Coulter can be run in accordance with what he expected? One thing is for sure, 3D printers has brought a new dimension in the world of education