Binder Direct 3D Printer
3D printers have a direct kind of work mechanism using inkjet technology. This technolgy has been around since 1960 when is was used on a2D printer. Though the use of inkjet tachnology into the 3D printer works is almost similar manner when used in a 2D printer. Where inkjet move back and forth whith while removing fluid. And the difference is 2D inkjet printer just move back and forth or horizontally , while the 3D inkjet printer can also move vertically or diagonally while removing fluid but not ink such as 2d printer but wax and plastic polymer.

While 3D printer kind of bindein the process of working together using inkjet nozzles to pour the liquid toform each layer. But is has differences with the kind of direct, where the type of biner for printing using two separate materials in the form of dry powder and liquid glue.

The mechanism of action, the first dry powder do casting then given liquid glue binding to occur. And so on until the entire is completed. Photolymerization if observed from its name comes from the word that means light and photo polymer that has meaning chemical compound plastics. So it can be said to be a kind of 3d printer that have a way of worning with a drop of liquid plastic is then given in the form of ultraviolet laser irradiation.

While the types of sintering 3d printer in the working process involving solid particles given irradiation process. And such a process commonly referred  to as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) which processes 3d printer work using a laser to melt the plastic powder which is then melted and froze back form a printed layer. Type sintering very compatibel for printing objects comes from the metal. Because the manufacturing processes in metals often require mechanisms of liquid and solind form then solind again.